Driving is a privilege is a phrase that most people are familiar with. When such privileges have been revoked, driving seems much more like a necessity than a privilege. If your driving privileges are presently revoked, having an attorney who has vast experience with the Administrative Hearing Department of the Secretary of State is vital to being successful with the reinstatement of your license. Moreover, the Illinois Secretary of State will have legal representation handling your petition for relief so why attempt the difficult process unrepresented.

As a former Prosecutor with the Illinois Secretary of State, I have extensive experience in the process in which the reinstatement of driving privileges is attained. By retaining my legal services, you will be in the hands of an attorney who will advise you properly on whether you are eligible to be considered for a "second chance" with your driving privileges, the steps necessary for alternative relief (Restricted Driving Permit), or attain full reinstatement.

Upon retaining the services of De Fries Law Offices, P.C. you will begin the following steps to be on the Road of Reinstatement:

Full and complete document review:
Depending on your circumstances and/or prior hearings, there are countless documents that must be thoroughly reviewed by an attorney who is well versed in the Formal Hearing process with the Illinois Secretary of State.
Document advisement/
Provider referrals:
After your documents have been reviewed my office will be able to advise on: what additional documents are required, reliable provider referrals (if necessary), what documents need to be drafted in greater detail, what additional steps have to be completed before the hearing and to ensure that all issues raised by the Illinois Secretary of State have been fully addressed.
Simulated Formal Hearing:
Preparation, preparation, preparation is the key to presenting a convincing case before the Secretary of State that you can be a safe and responsible driver and that you are no longer a risk to the public's safety. Some lawyers just show up for the hearing. Other lawyers simply provide their clients with canned questions they believe will be asked at the hearing without spending the time necessary with their client. Your experience with De Fries Law Offices will be different. As a former Prosecutor for the Illinois Secretary of State, I will take the time to make you comfortable with Formal Hearing Process so that you will not be surprised come the day of your hearing. In my view, the only way to be comfortable on the day of your hearing is to participate in simulated hearing(s) before your actual hearing.
Actual Formal Hearing:
Anthony W. De Fries will personally represent you at the Formal Hearing.
Order review/advisement:
Post-hearing meeting or teleconference reviewing the Secretary of State's decision on your hearing and full advisement on the steps required for the reinstatement of your driver’s license or RDP to be official.

If you feel that you are ready for a second chance it is time to stop putting off getting your driving priviliges restored. CALL (312) 726-8735 for a FREE consultation and get on the ‘road to reinstatement’ TODAY!