The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act was created to protect workers who are injured in the course and scope of their employment. Being raised in a union family, and as a former union member (Local # 803), Anthony W. De Fries fully understands and relates with the needs and concerns of workers who are injured on the job. Unfortunately, many injured workers waive the rights afforded to them by the Act because they under the false belief that they will be "suing" their employer. A workers compensation claim is not a lawsuit but rather a claim filed at the Workers’ Compensation Commission to ensure that all benefits under the Act are provided to the injured worker. Without the assistance of a competent Workers’ Compensation attorney you may not receive the maximum benefits that you are entitled to under the law. Such benefits include:

TTD - (Temporary Total Disability) - Temporary benefits while you are unable to work based upon your average weekly wage.

PPD - (Permanent Partial Disability) - A lump sum amount based upon the nature and extent of your injury and your average weekly wage.

Medical Care & Benefits - Full payment of all necessary, reasonable and related medical bills as the result of your work related injury. In addition, the Act allows the injured worker to choose his/her own medical care provider(s). In some cases, Vocational Rehabilitation Services are utilized to obtain the full recovery of the permanent loss of earning potential for the injured worker.

In addition, in many cases there can exist Third-Party liability which can possibly result in a second theory of recovery which could be overlooked if not properly investigated and handled by an experienced injury attorney. Seeking legal representation immediately is vital in the preservation of evidence necessary to proceed with a Third-Party claim/lawsuit against any potential negligent party(s).

By retaining the legal services of De Fries Law Offices you will receive the personal care and attention that is missing in many larger law firms. De Fries Law Offices takes pride in attaining the maximum recovery for all clients irrespective of the size of the claim.

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